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Metal Bandsaw Blades Trouble Shooting

Problem Possible Cause Solution
Saw blade keeps breaking prematurely a. Blade tension too high
b. Guides tight or maladjusted
c. Speed too low for feed rate
d. Speed too high
e. Cracking at the weld
f. Blade too thick for wheel diameter
g. Pitch too coarse
a. Reduce tension
b. Alter adjustment
c. Increase speed or decrease feed
d. Reduce speed
e. Check welding fechnique
f. Use lighter geuge
g. Use finer pitch
Blade starts to camber and cuts to one side – Running out of squre a. Saw guides too far apart
b. Feed pressure too high
c. Roller guides not adjusted
d. Band pitch too fine
e. Set removed by guides
f. Blade riding on wheel flange
g. Hard inclusion in material
a. Adjust closer to material
b. Reduce pressure
c. Adjust correctly
d. Use coarser pitch
e. Adjust or chamfer guides
f. Adjust wheel tracking
g. Reduce cutting rate
Shivering during cutting a.Work piece not securely held
b. Incorrect feed pressure
c. Not enough blade tension
d. Wrong speed for thickness
e. Pitch too coarse
f. Wrong tooth form
a. Improve clamping
b. Adjust
c. Increase tension
d. Adjust
e. Use finer pitch
f. Use variable pitch
Blade dulls prematurely a. New blade not ‘run in’
b. Feed rate too light
c. Speed too high
d. Pitch too coarse
e. Coolant not directed
f. Saw idling through cut
g. Incorrect saw guides for width
h.Teeth running in wrong direction
i. Wrong blade quality
a. –
b. Increase rate
c. Reduce speed
d. Use finer pitch
e. Direct at point of cut
f. Keep teeth engaged
g. Use correct guides
h. Refit blade correctly
i. Try different type
Blade twisting a. Saw guide arms too far apart
b. Blade binding in cut
c. Not enough blade tension
d. Blade too wide for radius
a. Adjust correctly
b. Reduce feed rate
c. Increase tension
d. Use narrower blade